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Larcenauts Gets Manual Reload, Improves Weapon Handling In Update

Larcenauts Gets Manual Reload, Improves Weapon Handling In Update

Larcenauts made some significant quality of life changes to the game with its Immersion Overload update, including adding an option for manual reload and more control options for using your hands in VR.

One of the main qualms we had with Larcenauts on release was a series of design choices (which might be viewed as ‘unfinished’) involving the user’s hands when sprinting and reloading. Here’s what we said at the time:

Impulse Gear, for example, seems strangely fond of taking control of a player’s hands as a means of imposing restrictions. So when you run with the default option, you see two hands dangling either side, stopping you from firing. When you reload, it’s a canned animation and not something you have any say in.

You can see why the idea might work on paper, to have a more precise and game-driven approach on how fast players run out of ammo and restock it … But, in practice, it just feels terrible to see your hands waving around on their own.

As Jamie went on to mention in his review, Impulse Gear went onto to implement an ‘Immersive Sprint’ option around launch late last month. However, this new Immersion Overload update addresses even more of the aforementioned issues. Manual reloads are now an option (automatic, button-press reload is also still available), as well as two-handed aiming with weapons.

Spatialized VOIP has also been added to lobbies, along with native support for the bHaptics TactSuit vests as well.

Larcenauts is available now for Quest and PC VR. You can read our review here.

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