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Jurassic World Aftermath Releases September 30 For Oculus Quest

Jurassic World Aftermath Releases September 30 For Oculus Quest

The second part of Jurassic World Aftermath will release on September 30 for Oculus Quest, available for an additional $14.99.

This release will round out the story that was left on a cliffhanger in part one of Aftermath, which released in December last year. When the game launched, it’s arrival as an episodic release was unexpected. There was no mention of that release structure anywhere on the game’s store page during part one’s release.

Now, almost a year on, part two of Aftermath will release on September 30 and it will be an additional purchase priced at $14.99. To be clear, it is not a free update for owners of last year’s release.

A post on the Oculus blog says that part two will pick up right where part one left off and will have you “sneaking through brand new locations, including Dr. Henry Wu’s private office and an underground facility hidden far from the public’s prying eyes.”

The trailer for part two features the familiar voice of Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm, who returns from part one where he featured in some voice-logs along with BD Wong as Dr. Henry Wu.

However, the big moment that everyone should be looking forward to is the inevitable encounter with the infamous T-rex. The franchise-defining dino appeared briefly in sections of part one, but we’re hoping for a bigger encounter with it in this next installment.

Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2 is available on September 30 on Oculus Quest. You can read our review of Part 1 here.

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