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Grapple Tournament VR Is Free To Play Until Monday For PC VR

Grapple Tournament VR Is Free To Play Until Monday For PC VR

Multiplayer VR game Grapple Tournament is free this weekend for PC VR players on Steam.

The game is currently still in Early Access and will probably stay there until at least the end of the year, but this weekend you’ll have a chance to see if this grappling multiplayer shooter is for you.

Grapple Tournament is an arena shooter where you’ll be able to launch yourself around the map using a grapple, while also shooting at your opponents using a variety of weapons. There’s currently 12 weapons, three game modes, five maps (with three more on the way) and hundreds of customization options in the game.

The free weekend starts today at 10am Pacific and will end on Monday the 26th of April at 10am Pacific. Free weekends mean that the game is free to play for the duration of the weekend, but not free to keep. Come Monday afternoon, you won’t have access to the game anymore and will have to purchase the title to keep playing. That being said, the game is also currrently on sale with a 25% discount on Steam, so now’s the time to get in on the action if you like what you try.

The free weekend promo is only available on Steam — the game is also available for PC VR on the Oculus Store for Rift, but the free period won’t apply to that platform. The developers also told us that they are “working hard” on the Quest version of the game. In December last year, they told us that the Quest version would ideally launch sometime this year, with PSVR following after that.

Grapple Tournament VR is available on Steam in Early Access for PC VR now.

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