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FitXR Adds Six Accessible, Seated Workout Classes Through November

FitXR Adds Six Accessible, Seated Workout Classes Through November

FitXR is adding new seated workout classes to its release schedule for the rest of the year, with the aim of making VR workouts more accessible for those who may not be able to complete the standing portions of the exercises.

Currently, all classes in the Box Studio provide a seated option, which removes the squat feature. However, these new seated classes aim to expand accessibility options by providing seated classes in the HIIT and Dance studios, which FitXR hopes will “enable users with varying degrees of mobility to enjoy fun, engaging workouts.”

The six classes will gradually release from now through to November, and FitXR says it will continue to add more seated content “on a regular basis” in the future. Here’s a summary of the release schedule for the accessible seated classes over the next few months:

– September 26: Brain Boost (Seated, HIIT Studio, Beginner, Electronic, 9 minutes)

– October 3: Out of Breath (Seated, HIIT Studio, Intermediate, Electronic, 14 minutes)

– October 15:  Upper Body Sweat (Seated, Dance Studio, Beginner, Pop, 10 minutes)

– October 21 : Short & Sweaty (Seated, HIIT Studio, Beginner, Rock, 9 minutes)

– October 31: Rock It Out (Seated, HIIT Studio, Intermediate, Rock, 11 minutes)

– November 7: Burnin’ Up (Seated, HIIT Studio, Intermediate, Electronic, 12 minutes)

These new classes come off the back of some big new additions and changes to FitXR over the last year. In April, the app switched to a subscription pricing model, while also adding real-time multiplayer and HIIT workouts (which, as listed above, are now being adapted into seated variations). In July, FitXR partnered with record labels to bring some big name artists, like Calvin Harris and Tiesto, to your virtual workouts.

FitXR is available now for Oculus Quest headsets via the Oculus Store. To learn more about designing VR workouts, check out our interview from August with FitXR’s Head of Fitness Ianthe Mellors.

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