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Demeo: Realm Of Rat King Expansion - New Enemies & Cards Revealed

Demeo: Realm Of Rat King Expansion - New Enemies & Cards Revealed

New details on enemies and cards from Demeo’s upcoming Realm of the Rat King expansion have been revealed in a player guide sent out to members of the VR community.

VR YouTube Nathie tweeted some photos of the player guide, which offers glimpses into the Rat King boss, two new enemies and three new cards that will launch as part of the free expansion. One thing is for certain — it doesn’t look like defeating the Rat King will be easy.

There’s some lore on the titular new boss, detailing how he became a “master of rodents – corrupting him into a grim monarch” who is “forever bound to his subjects.” A rather gruesome illustration reveals that last bit of information is quite literal — the Rat King appears physically tied to some other smaller rats.

In terms of his special abilities, he will have ‘Vermin Frenzy’ which “unleashes a rat attack, causing nearby rats to attack a single Champion.” He’ll also have Rat Bomb, which will damage on impact and also spawn new enemies, and Soul Absorb, which means he gains health as rats around him die. Sounds like quite the challenge.

There’s also two other new enemies — the Gorghon and Spore Fungus, the former of which can petrify you and the latter might potentially damage you when nearby.

Luckily, there are also three new cards to help you defeat the new enemies — Web Bomb will let you tangle a group of enemies in a big web, Torch will allow you to light up an area or increase your vision, and Antitoxin will make you immune to poison effects.

As announced in the UploadVR Showcase, Demeo’s free Realm of the Rat King expansion will launch June 28. We adored the game when it released last month — you can read our full review here.

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