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Dash Dash World 4.0 Update: New Tracks, Improved Steering, Offline Mode & More

Dash Dash World  4.0 Update: New Tracks, Improved Steering, Offline Mode & More

The 4.0 update comes to Dash Dash World on November 24, adding new racing tracks, upgraded virtual steering, an offline mode and a new season of unlockable rewards.

The arcade racing game first launched in 2020 and has since brought out a bunch of updates that add significant new content and features to the game.

In December last year, the 2.0 update brought virtual steering as an alternative option to stick steering, along with visual upgrades for Quest 2 players. Then in May this year, the 3.0 update brought new tracks, weapons, a single player campaign and 8-player matchmaking with support for cross-platform play between SteamVR and Quest.

dash dash world 4.0 update

The latest 4.0 update keeps up the same pace of features, including 7 new race tracks (coming to a total of 14, doubled from the original launch selection of 7). It also includes an overhaul that should upgrade the virtual steering option added late last year and a full offline mode (and 2 extra difficulties for the campaign) for players who prefer to go solo.

With this 4.0 update, Dash Dash World will move out from Early Access on Steam into full release. The update also coincides with the beginning of the game’s second season, Stargazing, offering a new set of rewards and unlockable cosmetics. The season will offer a bunch of cosmetic rewards for your Dash Dash racer as well as two new space-themed karts to unlock.

Dash Dash World is available now on Oculus Quest and PC VR via Steam and the Oculus Store, with the 4.0 updates launching November 24. A PSVR version of the game is also in development and coming soon.

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