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Cybershoes Begin Shipping To Kickstarter, IndieGogo Backers

Cybershoes Begin Shipping To Kickstarter, IndieGogo Backers

The Quest-compatible models of the Cybershoes have begun shipping out to those who supported the project on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

The Cybershoes have been around for a while, first for PC VR and more recently updated for Quest and Quest 2. The shoes attach to your feet and allow you to move around in VR by moving on the spot. This allows for seated play while controlling artificial locomotion in-game with movement in your legs.

Cybershoes had a very successful Kickstarter campaign for the updated Quest model, more than tripling the original goal. Additional pre-orders were then made available by a separate Indiegogo campaign back in February. Now, units from both Kickstarter and Indiegogo have begun to ship out to over 600 collective backers.

Back in December 2020, we went hands-on with the new Quest-compatible Cybershoes. We found that while they work as intended, it’s hard to find a compelling reason why you would use them. Here’s an excerpt:

Yes, Cybershoes works as intended and removing the wire from PC VR makes it far more user-friendly and compelling, but, just like the 3DRudder, I fail to see a compelling reason to use this instead of just moving around a room. Even if you don’t have enough space for roomscale and would just be standing in one spot and leaning around I’d still rather do that than be restricted to sitting in a chair while in VR — especially when using a standalone, wireless, roomscale headset like the Oculus Quest or Quest 2.

You can read more of our impressions here.

The Cybershoes Indiegogo campaign runs until May 10, so you have until then to secure a pair at the lower pre-order price. After the Indiegogo campaign finishes, the Cybershoes will be available online at and later on Amazon for customers in the US.

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