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Creed: Rise To Glory Hits 1 Million Units Sold Across All Platforms

Creed: Rise To Glory Hits 1 Million Units Sold Across All Platforms

Survios announced that Creed: Rise to Glory surpassed 1 million units sold across all VR platforms this week.

Creed: Rise to Glory released in 2018 for PC VR platforms and was later a launch title for the original Oculus Quest headset in May 2019.

The game joins a number of VR applications that have seen increasing success in the last few years, likely due to the popularity of Facebook’s standalone Quest headsets. In July this year, Gorn reached the 1 million units sold milestone. Likewise, Job Simulator also reach 1 million units, but considerably earlier, back in January 2020. PSVR-exclusive Resident Evil 7 surpassed 1 million VR users in January of this year as well.

The developers of Gorn, Job Simulator and Creed did not give breakdowns of which platforms contributed the most to reaching the 1 million milestone, but there’s a pattern of games that were previously released on PC VR or PSVR seeing great success and a boost in sales on the Quest platform, even years down the line, thanks the standalone headset’s ever-growing popularity. In Gorn’s case, no doubt the Quest launch in January 2020 helped it reached the big 1 million milestone a few months later in July.

Games like Apex Construct or Red Matter, meanwhile, sold more on Quest than all other platforms combined within months of the original headset’s launch.

Survios’ latest title is Puzzle Bobble VR, which released for Quest back in May. It’s not clear what the studio is working on next in the VR space.

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