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Beat Saber Clues Reveal Partial Tracklist For Billie Eilish DLC

Beat Saber Clues Reveal Partial Tracklist For Billie Eilish DLC

A series of cryptic videos on Beat Saber social media accounts have revealed some of the tracks from this week’s upcoming Billie Eilish DLC music pack.

The clues were posted to Beat Saber and Oculus social media accounts, each hinting at a certain song. Billie is known to be a very visual artist, often taking heavy control over the artistic direction and visuals around her releases. Each of the cryptic animated videos hints at visual themes from her music videos, some of which are easier than others. Luckily for you, I am UploadVR’s resident Billie Eilish fan and have interpreted these clues for you.

The first clue posted to the Beat Saber account, featuring a car, seems like a reference to everything i wanted, her 2019 single that released independent of either album. The second clue featuring the phone and the rain is her title track from her second album, Happier Than Ever. The third clue, featuring a pull-along cart, is a throwback to a much earlier Billie Eilish song, bellyache, from her debut EP Don’t Smile at Me.

Over on the Oculus channel, a video rotates between 3 further clues. The first one, featuring the mouth and hanging spider, is you should see me in a crown. The second, featuring hands reaching under a bed, is bury a friend and the next hint featuring the pretzels and the staircase is Therefore I Am. The very last one, featuring fire and wings, is all the good girls go to hell.

We know that the DLC will be 10 tracks total, so including all of the above brings us to 7 tracks — 3 from her debut album, 2 tracks from her recent album Happier Than Ever and 2 that were independent singles or EP releases.

Of the 3 remaining tracks, the most obvious pick omission is her global smash hit bad guy. It’s also likely that more tracks from Happier Than Ever make the cut — recent single Lost Cause is a strong candidate, and the hard-hitting Oxytocin could fit in well with the rest of the Beat Saber catalog. If not those, then my strange addiction and wish you were gay from her debut album could also work quite well.

Which tracks are you hoping will make it into the Billie Eilish DLC pack? Let us know in the comments below.

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