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PS4 Pro Update For Arashi: Castles Of Sin Available Now

PS4 Pro Update For Arashi: Castles Of Sin Available Now

A new update adds support for PS4 Pro on the PSVR exclusive title Arashi: Castles of Sin, developed by Endeavor One.

We first learned about the PS4 Pro patch just over a week ago, with little detail on what PS4 Pro-specific improvements we might see or when the update might arrive. According to Endeavor One on Twitter, the update is available now and we know a bit more about what changes to expect.

On patch 1.3, PS4 Pro players should see improved resolution, improved anti-aliasing support, increased LOD distance, increased shadow distance, anisotropic filtering on and improved stability. That’s all that was listed in this reply tweet, so for anything more specific you might be best off just giving the new update a go yourself and seeing how noticeable the changes are.

These changes should also apply to players using PSVR on PS5 via backwards compatibility, as the PS5 should run PS4 games with their PS4 Pro settings profile. Endeavor previously hinted that PS5-specific updates were a possibility, but there’s no update on that front yet — it’s seemingly just the PS4 Pro changes for now.

Arashi: Castles of Sin launched early last month and in our review, we found that it was a solid title with great open-ended design. However, we were also let down in a few areas that we felt held the game back just slightly. Here’s an except:

It’s a rare VR game that gives you genuine choice in deciding how to get from A to B and, when it works, captures the slick elitism of becoming a ninja. But it’s let down by clumsier elements, like bugs, bad enemy AI and underwhelming sword combat. Even these dark forces combined aren’t enough to derail the fun sneaking at the core of the experience, but there’s plenty of room for Arashi to improve with a potential sequel.

You can read the full review here.

Patch 1.3 is available now for Arashi: Castles of Sin for PlayStation VR.

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