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Indie Developers Offer Half-Price App Lab Quest Bundles Until August 24

Indie Developers Offer Half-Price App Lab Quest Bundles Until August 24

The indie developers behind VR Collection, which offers bundles of discounted App Lab games, are running a promotion that lets Quest users buy a selection of three to six App Lab games at half-price until August 24.

The deal has been dubbed the ‘Return of the Quest’ special promotion, leading up to (and available until) August 24 — the day that Oculus Quest 2 headsets return to shelves and are available to purchase once more. Facebook paused sales of Quest 2 late last month, as 4 million facial interfaces were recalled, with the headset scheduled to return to retailers this coming Tuesday with an upgraded 128GB storage capacity for the same price as the original 64GB model.

While waiting for the Quest’s return, the App Lab bundle service VR Collection’s promotion gives users the opportunity top buy an bundle of indie App Lab games for a significant discount. Usually, VR Collection sells blind bundles that include between three and six surprise App Lab titles bundled together at 50% off. Users can also use a collector ID on the site to purchase multiple blind bundles without worrying about duplicates.

If you want to know what you’re getting before you buy, you can also reveal the games in the bundle before purchasing. Normally, this would reduce the total discount down to 15% — the idea being that players are encouraged to try something new, discover new genres and support indie developers. However, until August 24, you can purchase a revealed bundle of games for the same 50% discount applied to a blind bundle.

This means that users can essentially keep reloading the page until they find a selection of games they’re interested in and purchase them in a half-price bundle.

The deal is available now on the VR Collection site until August 24. You can read more about the initiative in our recent guest editorial about how indie developers are using bundles like VR Collection to market their games without Quest store promotion.


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