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Zero Caliber: Reloaded Coming To Quest In 2021

Zero Caliber: Reloaded Coming To Quest In 2021

One of PC VR’s most popular shooters is going standalone – a Zero Caliber Quest version is on the way.

Developer XREAL announced the project today. Reloaded is not a straight-up port of the existing Zero Caliber, which is still in Early Access on Steam. It’s still a campaign-driven modern shooter with four-player co-op, but XREAL says missions have been retooled for Quest including new level design, combat design and interactions. The studio says the game has been entirely rebuilt for the platform. Check out some PC gameplay below.

That said, you can still expect many of the original game’s core features, like the swappable attachment system, melee combat and physics and climbing mechanics. There will also be new enemy types and boss encounters. Given that the game features all-new content, it won’t have any cross-play with the PC version at this time, though XREAL says some of these new additions will make it to PC in the future. Quest 2 will have visual upgrades over the Quest 1 version, too.

Assets like trailers and screenshots will be arriving later down the line but XREAL says to expect a full launch sometime in Q2 of 2021. As for a possible PvP mode? The team says it might happen if there’s big demand, but it’s not set in stone.

Zero Caliber won’t be the only shooter that’s revamped itself to get on Quest – the sideloaded version of Pavlov stripped back features to make a separate version called Pavlov Shack, for example.

Over on PC, meanwhile, XREAL announced that it was revamping a lot of the underlying systems beneath Zero Caliber as it continued to work on a PvP mode. That means that a launch out of Early Access is going to take a while longer, but the studio says the game will be better for it.

Are you looking forward to Zero Caliber Quest? Let us know in the comments below!

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