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Virtuix Omni Now Supports World War Toons

Virtuix Omni Now Supports World War Toons

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Reload Studios and its anticipated virtual reality (VR) first-person shooter (FPS), World War Toons. That silence ends today.

Virtuix has announced that the World War II-themed multiplayer shooter will be supporting its omnidirectional motion platform, the Omni. That means you’ll be able to slip on a pair of Virtuix shoes, step onto the peripheral’s specialized dish, strap yourself in and then run around within the game as if you were actually a part of the world. You’ll also have a gun controller to let you accurately aim and blast away opponents.

You can take a look at the support in action in a trailer below. It’s pretty self-explanatory; face the direction you want to run in… and then run in it.

The game is currently on display with the Omni at the Taobao festival in Shanghai, running on what appears to be an Oculus Rift. World War Toons is also confirmed for PlayStation VR. The game offers a cartoonish take on historical conflicts with power ups and wacky features. We’re not yet sure when it’s set to launch, though it’s been in development for around two years now, so it’s hopefully not too far off.

Virtuix, meanwhile, is currently preparing to ship a pilot run of units to its Austin headquarters for inspection. Once the process has been complete the company will begin shipping them out to early Kickstarter backers. First shipments are expected to take place in August, though the company will be providing a more detailed plan later this month. You can order one for yourself right now, though it comes with a pretty hefty price tag of $699.

Earlier this month is was revealed that another major FPS, eSports shooter Crisis Action, will also be getting Omni support as part of a new deal with Hero Entertainment. Which other VR shooters could we see on the platform?

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