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Windlands 2 Release Date Announced, New Trailer Arrives

Windlands 2 Release Date Announced, New Trailer Arrives

The sequel to Psytec Games’ swinging VR launch title, Windlands, is just around the corner.

Windlands 2 arrives on the Oculus Rift on September 12th for $29.99. You can watch the new trailer below. The game builds upon the original’s high-flying swinging mechanics, which saw players zip between trees and floating islands like Spider-Man using motion controllers.

The biggest addition to the sequel, which we went hands-on with last year, is four player co-op. Though the entire game can be played in single player, you can also have up to three friends join you as you journey across fantastical environments. They’ll help you take on the game’s new boss battles, too, which you’ll fight off using a new bow and arrow weapon that turns you into a sort of acrobatic Robin Hood.

We were super impressed with Windlands 2 when we played it last year. Co-op seems to bring a new dimension to the game, turning platforming challenges into casual races and providing players with a fun space to hang out in. Elsewhere, the game includes fully-voiced NPCs, collectibles to hunt and new modes that switch up the gameplay.

As for other platforms, Psytec says both HTC Vive and PlayStation VR (PSVR) support is on the way, though there’s no official release dates to share today.

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