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Waltz Of The Wizard Quest Hand Tracking Update Adds Palpatine's Lightning Power

Waltz Of The Wizard Quest Hand Tracking Update Adds Palpatine's Lightning Power

Unlimited Power!

If you’ve ever wanted the power of a Palpatine from Star Wars, Aldin Dynamics is ready to put electricity in your fingertips. A new update to Waltz of the Wizard on Oculus Quest adds a number of features to the groundbreaking game which was one of the first to support hand tracking in May.

Slingshot Fingers And New Experimental Updates

The new update adds the Palpatine-like electricity fingers as well as slingshot fingers, each of which look like a ton of fun. The latter has you extend your index and pinky fingers with your hand sideways to see a slingshot extending from the tips. Just pinch and pull back to launch a magical projectile, plus any small object can be launched into the distance as well.

Aldin also added an experimental accessibility feature meant for people with less than five fingers on a hand that makes “virtual representations of missing fingers move in sync with other fingers,” according to the company.

There’s an experimental microphone-based option as well that will see your voice reverberate or echo in different ways, depending on which scene of the game you’re in. The studio is also teasing an additional easter egg hidden somewhere.

For those unfamiliar, Waltz of the Wizard is a magical playground that offers access to a number of recipes that play havoc on the world around you. Each recipe changes how the world can be impacted by your hand’s movements. The game’s been in development for years but the May update recognized a number of hand tracking gestures like a way of pointing at the ground ahead of you to paint a path for room-scale movement.

“We have big plans for Waltz of the Wizard this year that we are very excited about. We can’t share details just yet, but let’s just say we are opening new doors for the future of Waltz of the Wizard — with our strong focus on VR design innovation, as always,” the developers teased.

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