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Star Wars VR Tickets From The VOID Are Selling Fast

Star Wars VR Tickets From The VOID Are Selling Fast

Tickets are selling fast despite the hefty price to see Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire at The VOID locations in Downtown Disney in Anaheim, CA and Disney Springs in Orlando, FL.

The experience is likely going to be one of the best introductions to virtual reality on the planet, combining best-in-class hardware with one of the most popular fictional universes. Visiting The VOID means fans will finally be able to travel to the Star Wars universe. Tickets cost $30 each and went on sale Oct. 11. Already, the first four days are completely sold out in Anaheim (starting Jan. 5) and only two time slots are open in the first four days in Orlando (starting Dec. 16). Numerous time slots over the the following days and weeks are spoken for as well.

“The VOID accommodates groups of up to four people at a time — perfect for friends and families. But tickets for Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire have been selling fast, so we suggest making plans, visiting and booking tickets as soon as possible,” said Sarah Marsh, CXO at The VOID.

It’s unclear if The VOID is bringing online multiple stages at each location to accommodate more than four people at a time, but there are showings offered every 15 minutes, with some gaps, at the Florida location. If there are only four people at a time, though, it appears the company will see approximately $5,640 in revenue per day in Florida. Can The VOID maintain or increase that rate over time by accommodating more visitors with additional stages or bringing back visitors for repeat visits by adding variety to its experience?

I’ll be following up with The VOID when it opens to dive deep into the experience.

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