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Varjo XR-1 Blends VR And AR For Nearly $10,000

Varjo XR-1 Blends VR And AR For Nearly $10,000

The Varjo XR-1 Developer Edition is now available for developers with some highly touted mixed reality capabilities.

varjo xr-1

The headset offers a similar system to the Varjo VR-2, with a small foveal display sitting in the middle of a larger peripheral display. However, the XR-1 also offers the ability to display simulated objects in the real world, and real objects in a simulated world, using what’s claimed as “photo-realistic” pass-through video. Its creators claim the device can switch between mixed reality and full VR scenes easily, and also features an “industrial-grade 20/20 Eye Tracker.”

Varjo’s Founder and Chief Product Officer Urho Konttori tweeted about the pass-through mixed reality feature, showing an example of a user operating a helicopter.

Another example, provided by Varjo and pictured below, shows a virtual reality car model displayed in the headset on a pass-through video image of a parking lot.

Varjo xr-1 pass-through video

Varjo says its pass-through images are powered by two 12-megapixel cameras operating at 90 Hz. The company claims the “XR-1’s ultra-low latency image pipeline” operates at less than 20ms. The headset has a FOV of 87 degrees, is compatible with SteamVR and ART tracking systems, and weighs 1050 g, or 1300 g when used with a counterweight.

You can read more about the Varjo XR-1 Developer Edition on their website. The headset is available to purchase for business use in North America, Europe and Japan for $9,995.

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