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Vacation Simulator Back To Job Update Arrives September 10 For PC VR And Quest

Vacation Simulator Back To Job Update Arrives September 10 For PC VR And Quest

Vacation Simulator will see its free Back To Job expansion arrive on September 10th on SteamVR and Oculus Quest. The update is scheduled to launch on PlayStation VR in October.

The new update merges some of the game mechanics from the original Job Simulator with the expanded world of Vacation Simulator. The VR games from Google-owned Owlchemy Labs are among the most well known VR titles because they serve as fairly straight-forward playgrounds to introduce people to the mechanics of VR headsets with tracked hand controllers.

Vacation Simulator features a range of activities divided into zones you can visit centered in beach, mountain, and forest environments. The original Job Simulator featured four jobs including office worker, auto mechanic, chef, and convenience store clerk with a number of activities and challenges faced within each job. With Back To Job, the “gig economy” has now made its way to Vacation Simulator because “all bots have gone on vacation and no one is left to job, so it’s time for the human to enter the on-demand workforce to make the perfect vacation for bots. Time to job, again.”

Owlchemy Labs originally announced the expansion in June during our UploadVR Showcase event.

We’re looking forward to seeing what Back To Job brings to Vacation Simulator. We’ll have gameplay and impressions for you soon so check back on for the latest. Also, if you haven’t played Owlchemy’s VR games yet, Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator are bundled together in a sale on Oculus Quest through September 11th. The pack discounts the games by 30%.

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