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Watch This Gameplay Teaser For Sword Fighting VR Game Until You Fall

Watch This Gameplay Teaser For Sword Fighting VR Game Until You Fall

Schell Games (creators of the highly successful I Expect You To Die) revealed a brand new VR action game earlier this year called Until You Fall. It’s a very different type of game as they have traded the slow-paced and comical puzzle-filled rooms of their spy adventure for fast-paced first-person sword-based combat.

We still don’t know a whole lot about this game, but now we finally get to see about 30 seconds of actual gameplay. In the clip below you see a small chunk of combat complete with lots of active movement. The sword combat system appears to focus on 1v1 scenarios with visual indicators showing you when you’ve broken their guard and where to align your blade to block.

On the official website the description says “melee and magic fuse to deliver a satisfying combat experience n which you are the master of your own martial style,” and “battle your way through a corrupted landscape and the twisted denizens born from the Calamity. Fight, gather Aether, forge new weapons, and grow stronger.”

Until You Fall is slated for release this year and is likely coming to all of the major VR platforms you’d expect judging from how widely available I Expect You To Die is already. And if you want more details on Until You Fall, then you should definitely tune into the E3 VR Showcase on June 10 at 9AM PT.

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