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Until You Fall Aiming For PSVR And Quest Support In 2020

Until You Fall Aiming For PSVR And Quest Support In 2020

Fear not Quest and PSVR fans; Schell Games is aiming to bring Until You Fall to your headsets.

Studio head Jesse Schell recently confirmed as much in an interview with OnlySP. Schell stated that the studio had a similar aim to its hit VR puzzler, I Expect You To Die. That is it wants to get the game fully up and operational on PC VR headsets first, and then devote the resources to bringing it to other platforms.

“For I Expect you to Die, we did exactly that,” Schell said. “It started on Vive and Rift. It came to PlayStation VR and Quest. We want to have the same path here. If we’re getting good traction with Until You Fall, we very much want to bring it to other platforms. So we’re figuring that timeline out as we speak.”

He continued, adding that he hopes to see the game come to both platforms in 2020. Which order they arrive in might depend on which audience is more vocal.

For now, though, Until You Fall remains in Early Access with regular updates. It’s a first-person sword-battling game with a vibrant neon art style. There are rouge-lite elements, making each run through its dangerous gauntlet a little different.

We only have initial impressions for the game thus far, but we’re hugely impressed by it. “The replayable rogue-lite elements help keep things fresh and all of the various weapons and augmentations ensure a sense of progression, but it does still feel a bit shallow overall,” we said in our EA review. “I’m excited to see what all gets added while Schell Games spend the next several months finalizing it in Early Access on Steam.”

Hopefully those new versions aren’t too far behind, then.

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