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Be A VR Valentine's With Titanic 3D Screenings In Bigscreen

Be A VR Valentine's With Titanic 3D Screenings In Bigscreen

Near, far and now wherever you are thanks to VR; Bigscreen is celebrating Valentine’s Day with virtual screenings of Titanic 3D.

Premiering on Friday and running through Valentine’s week, the James Cameron classic comes to VR for the first time. You know, the one with all the Celine Dion and yucky love stuff. At least this is the 3D version so you can enjoy that bit where the poor guy hits the boat’s propeller blades on the way down to the water in true immersion.

To mark the occasion, Bigscreen put together this cute little trailer.

And, yes, this is the full 195 minute cut of the film. Best make sure you’re wearing the most comfortable headset accessories and keep your Quest plugged in. Also showing this week is I Love You, Man, No Strings Attached and Failure to Launch. Yes, Failue to Launch, the pre-McConaissance film about the woes of living with your parents at the age of 30. That film did not age with our economy, eh?

Tickets to screenings are $4.99 and showings start every 30 minutes. It’s only in the US and Canada for now, but Bigscreen says its working on bringing more movies to people around the world.

Take very careful note not to confuse Titanic 3D for Titanic VR, the educational VR app. There’s very little in the way of schmaltz in that one and a lot more drowning. Best avoid if you’re in the romantic mood.

Will you be jumping into Bigscreen to watch Titanic 3D this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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