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Tilt Brush Multiplayer Prototype And Other Experiments Revealed By Google

Tilt Brush Multiplayer Prototype And Other Experiments Revealed By Google

Google detailed a series of experiments for its VR creation toolset Tilt Brush, including a tease of a multiplayer mode that would let you create a 3D sketch in a  virtual room with others.

A Google spokesperson declined to say when the feature would be launching. The feature is shown as part of a series of experiments and concepts revealed by the company ahead of an Oct. 4 press event where a new phone and potentially a reference HMD for the Daydream mobile VR platform is expected. The event is followed next week by the Oculus Connect conference, where the Medium sculpting platform from Oculus is likely to play a starring role.

Tilt Brush co-creator Drew Skillman wrote in a blog post their team “is always experimenting and testing new ideas and concepts.” Google recently added audio-reactive brushes that pulse with music playing on your PC and that has led to music videos created within Tilt Brush. Both that feature, and multiplayer, are a result of this rapid prototyping, according to Skillman.

“We’ve been experimenting with a multiplayer feature that lets you share ideas, draw and create with others — in the same place in real time,” Skillman wrote.

Google also created avatars you can customize as well as a “portal brush” that lets you “peek at what is going on outside your headset” through the Vive’s front-facing camera. It looks amazing. “Although it only refreshes at 30fps, it’s a playful way to stay connected to the real world,” Skillman wrote.


Additional experiments include a “wooden manikin” with joints you can pose in different positions.


There’s also a way to create an animation using a zoetrope-like mechanism.


We can’t wait to see what Google announces next week and we expect major news from Oculus as well, followed almost immediately by the launch of PSVR. October is already shaping up to be a huge month for VR.

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