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The Walking Dead Trial Mode Now Available On Oculus Quest

The Walking Dead Trial Mode Now Available On Oculus Quest

After a delay and much waiting, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners has finally received the Trial update on Oculus Quest, adding a wave-based horde mode.

The Trial update arrived for PC VR midway through last year, but wasn’t available in the Quest version of the game for its October launch. Last month, Skydance Interacitve announced that the mode had been delayed, with no exact release date except that it had been “pushed back a bit.”

Now, The Trial is finally available on Oculus Quest as a free update for existing owners of the game. The main chunk of content in Saints & Sinners is the campaign, which is quite structured and narrative-focused. The Trial adds an element of replayability to the game, introducing a horde mode where walkers come at you in waves and you’re scored differently depending on how stylish your kills are and how many different combat options you employ.

When the update released for PC VR, we talked to the developers at Skydance to get their tips on how to do well in the Trial mode and get the best score possible.

Just two weeks ago, Skydance also announced that Saints & Sinners made an incredible $29 million revenue in its first year, one of the highest reported revenue sums we’ve seen for a VR game.

You can read our review of The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners here. We reviewed the PC VR version, but the content remains mostly the same besides some expected graphic downgrades. Be sure to also check out our graphics comparison between the game on Quest 1 and Quest 2 as well.

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