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The Nun's Terrifying Escape The Abbey 3D 360 Video Is Guaranteed To Make You Jump

The Nun's Terrifying Escape The Abbey 3D 360 Video Is Guaranteed To Make You Jump

I’ve ended up pushing my heart rate to the absolute limit this week. After livestreaming The Exorcist VR not once, but twice, then reviewing the game, I then decided to close out the week by watching The Nun: Escape the Abbey, a terrifying 3D 360-video that’s basically just three straight minutes of suspenseful atmosphere building up to a massive jump scare at the end. It’s a promotional video for The Nun, which hits theaters on September 7th.

We went ahead and embedded the full 3D 360-video right here (rendered in 8K!) but we recommend watching it in a headset and not just on your phone or PC screen:

The Nun is an upcoming horror film set in the same universe as Annabelle and The Conjuring, the series is often lauded as the modern-day Exorcist in terms of tone and setting and I definitely agree. I’m absolutely planning on going to see the film in theaters as an adrenaline junkie and this 360-video got my blood-pumping big time.

If you’d rather watch it some other way then you can find a full list of formats over the on the 360-videos official website. I just watched it on the Oculus Go using the internal browser via YouTube. Honestly, it’s my go-to headset for any type of 360 video because of the accessibility and wireless nature.

Typically I’m not a big fan of 360-video, but when watched inside of a headset it’s better. And when the content is horror-themed, it feels like the best use of the medium.

Let us know what you think if you give the full video a watch!

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