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Talking With Ghosts Is The Latest Project From Oculus Story Studio

Talking With Ghosts Is The Latest Project From Oculus Story Studio

From price cuts to new games, Oculus had so much to announce at GDC last week that a few of its reveals slipped under the radar. One such announcement was for Talking With Ghosts, the latest project from Oculus Story Studio.

Unlike its previous releases, Talking With Ghosts is not a single VR film but instead four short stories. Each boasts their own distinctive art styles from four different artists, but all were made within Quill, Story Studio’s own creation software first used to create Dear Angelica [Review: 9/10], and released to Rift and Touch owners later last year.

Included in the package is Fairground from Sophia Foster-Dimino, telling the story of two childhood friends that return to an old fairground and look at both the past and future of their relationship. The Neighborhood, meanwhile, is by Roman Muradov, and stars a ghost recounting his relationships with the tenants of a house he has haunted from the beginning of time.

Ric Carrasquillo is behind The Reservoir, a piece focusing on a couple playing a game of mini-golf and their relationship unfolding as they progress. Finally, Tattoo Warrior by Maria Yi is an epic story of war and love that’s shown through a 3D tattoo ribbon. As you can see, there appears to be an overarching theme of people’s connections to each other.

These shorts are said to be a little like comics, though there’s no trailer to speak of right now. The piece will be premiering at the 2017 Tribecca Film Festival in April, where we’ll no doubt see plenty of other new projects too. The app will launch for all later this year.

It’s reveal comes not long after the release of Dear Angelica itself, which we found to be a truly emotional VR experience. Based on that and past films like Henry and Lost, Talking With Ghosts is definitely something to look forward to.

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