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Here's Superhot VR Running On Quest 2 And 1 Side-By-Side

Here's Superhot VR Running On Quest 2 And 1 Side-By-Side

Want to see Superhot VR running side-by-side in Quest 1 and 2? Of course you do, so here you are.

Yes, Superhot VR has already been updated in anticipation of Quest 2’s launch on October 13th. According to developer Superhot team, the game has more detailed textures and other quality of life improvements. The big change here, though, is support for 90FPS which we can’t actually show you. Not just because YouTube goes up to 60FPS but because Facebook hasn’t actually enabled 90FPS support for apps yet. When it does, Superhot will be ready and waiting and should appear smoother than it ever has on a standalone.

Superhot VR Quest 2 Side-By-Side

Check out the video below. We’re not branding this with the usual graphics comparison tag because, well, there’s not much to compare; they look about on-par with each other.

It can be hard to really pick apart the differences between the two versions, especially when on a flat-screen. Suffice to say that, inside Quest 2, Superhot VR’s clean minimalist sheen pops out more than ever. With Quest 2’s sharper screen resolution the particle effects stemming from an enemy’s burst head or broken limb are all the more striking.

Other than that? Well, the original Quest port was already first-rate and this is pretty much the same story. Even a year and a half on from Quest launch the game remains at the top of our best Quest games list and, even if it had never been updated for Quest 2, we’d be telling you to play it.

Will you be checking out Superhot VR when Quest 2 launches next week? Let us know in the comments below!

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