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PSA: PSVR Exclusive Starblood Arena Shuts Down Thursday

PSA: PSVR Exclusive Starblood Arena Shuts Down Thursday

Consider this a PSA: you have only a few hours left to play PSVR exclusive shooter, Starblood Arena, online.

Developer WhiteMoon Studios confirmed its six degrees of freedom (6DOF) dogfighting game would be shutting down back in January. Sony would be taking servers offline on July 25th. Studio had hoped that it might be able to save the game in some form by then, but it looks like that hasn’t happened.

starblood arena shutdown

To wind down the game, WhiteMoon is hosting one final Wednesday Night Wars session on July 24.

“Of course this farewell hurts, but there’s some solace we can take in knowing that we’ve made so many friends – as have have our players,” the developer wrote on Reddit. “I’m talking about lifelong bonds that you can’t quantify with sales figures or DAU analytics.”

Starblood Arena first launched in early 2017. It pitted players in multiplayer battles with flying craft. You’d pick one of several unique characters, each with their own play style, and try to take enemies down in complex maps. We thought it was a fun, if unspectacular multiplayer offering.

“Starblood Arena isn’t a profound expression of the power of VR, but it’s hard not to appreciate a rock solid shooter that will provide hours of multiplayer battles for those willing to put the time in,” we said in our review. “Ultimately it’s a little too niche to become the definitive multiplayer PSVR game, and the struggles to get into matches aren’t going to please people that threw down $39.99 to play it. But if you’ve got the patience the game will regularly ask of you, you won’t come away disappointed.”

As for what WhiteMoon is up to next, we don’t yet know. Hopefully it’s staying with VR, though.

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