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Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance VR Mod Looks Promising

Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance VR Mod Looks Promising

The fact that we haven’t seen Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance VR yet is nothing short of criminal. Fortunately, one modder is taking it upon themselves to make it a reality.

One developer has been sharing their work adding SteamVR support into the classic Star Wars game. X-Wing Alliance was the third game in LucasArts’ legendary series of Star Wars flight simulators. It allowed you and friends to take on the Empire and face-off in multiplayer matches or single-player skirmishes.

Once properly installed, you’ll find yourself sitting in the iconic cockpit of an X-Wing. It really springs to life in 3D. You can see it in the video below; you’ll finally be able to inspect tiny details by leaning in. The developer is continuing to add in new features, so expect this to be further refined in the future.

Want to try for yourself? You can download the pack here, but you’ll also need a copy of the game and the latest Crafts Pack from modding site, X-Wing Alliance Upgrade.

Of course, there is an official X-Wing VR experience in 2016’s Star Wars Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission. It was made by Burnout developer Criterion and released as an add-on for EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront. It’s actually pretty good, trying into the events of the movie. That said, it’s extremely short and we’re disappointed to see that it hasn’t been turned into its own game yet.

If you prefer your Star Wars to be force-fuelled, though, you can check out Vader Immortal. It has lightsabers.

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