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PSVR Bundle Coming to North America With Move Controllers, Camera, and PSVR Worlds for $499

PSVR Bundle Coming to North America With Move Controllers, Camera, and PSVR Worlds for $499

In a recent blog post by Sony Computer Entertainment America, the North American branch of the global electronics and video gaming giant, it was confirmed that a bundle for the PlayStation VR headset will exist that contains not only the PlayStation Move motion controllers, but also the PlayStation Camera and the PlayStation VR Worlds 5-game collection. This game will be the second game available for free as part of this bundle, as The Playroom VR is already a free download for all PS4 owners.

This bundle news comes just days after Sony officially unveiled the price point and launch window for the core device ($399) at GDC 2016 in San Francisco. The lack of the camera and Move controllers was a major point of contention, as the camera is literally required for the device to even funciton and the controllers are supported and sometimes required for many of the device’s games. The PlayStation blog post states:

At $499.99, this bundle provides an unbeatable value for those of you looking to get right into VR gaming with your PlayStation 4. Since we’re including one of our top PS VR launch games, PlayStation VR Worlds, we know you’ll have a great experience right out of the box. This bundle will also be available in Canada for $699.99 CAD.

If you miss out on this wave of pre-orders, fear not – we’ll have another wave in the summer.

We’re thrilled with the response to PlayStation VR so far, and can’t wait for all of you to get your hands on one.

Now we wait for the inevitable console pack-in bundle to likely be announced at E3 which will also include another game, if my gut is right yet again.




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