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Sony Is Still Recruiting For An AAA PSVR Game From A New Studio

Sony Is Still Recruiting For An AAA PSVR Game From A New Studio

Much of Sony’s 2019 PSVR line-up remains a mystery. Sure there’s Blood and Truth as well as Dreams, but what else? Well, don’t forget that we’re still waiting to see what’s coming from a new first-party studio dedicated to PSVR.

Sony established this studio all the way back in 2015 when PSVR was still known as Project Morpheus. The company didn’t provide many details on what to expect from the developer at the time. Nearly four years on, though, and we still don’t know what it’s working on. But the team is still hiring, and there are some nuggets of info to mine from job listings.

For starters, many of the listings now suggest that the studio is ‘co-located’ in both Manchester and London. A listing for a Senior Level Designer notes that applicants will “work alongside the project’s design leads in London, as well as working remotely with a core development team in Manchester Studio in the North West of England.”

Another listing describes the Manchester-based unit as “a small but highly experienced team who want to build AAA games.”

It’s interesting to learn that the team is now split between Manchester and London. Of course, Sony already has a VR developer in London. The team that made PlayStation VR Worlds and is currently working on Blood and Truth. We asked Sony if there might be any overlap between the two teams, but have yet to hear back at the time of writing.

Elsewhere, multiple listings ask for experience developing with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. We can’t find anything that gives away any details about the tone or type of game in development, though.

Hopefully, Sony will reveal all later this year because we’ve been looking forward to this one for a while.

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