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Rhythm of the Universe Is A Breathtaking Musical Adventure For Quest, Rift And Vive

Rhythm of the Universe Is A Breathtaking Musical Adventure For Quest, Rift And Vive

Well here’s a trailer that’s immediately caught our attention. Rotu Entertainment’s Rhythm of the Universe looks unlike anything else we’ve yet seen in VR.

This Boston-based developer recently announced that it had secured an undisclosed amount of funding from investors in America and Europe. Now the team is sharing the first trailer for the game. It boasts stunning visuals that capture fantastical beasts and landscapes not yet seen in VR. Most importantly, though, it introduces you to the game’s arresting audio work, which seems to play a central role. Rotu says the game will use real music theory as a key mechanic.

While the developer is yet to share more details, there is a brief gameplay video on an official website. It shows players interacting with creatures and creating music in the same environments from the trailer. Rotu says that the game will unfold over seven episodes expected to release around once every six months. Each will stand alone in the experience they offer but contribute to the story of the overall series too.

Rotu expects to start rolling the series out this year on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Facebook’s upcoming standalone headset, Oculus Quest. That makes Rhythm of the Universe one of the first games confirmed for Quest following the headset’s reveal at Oculus Connect 5 in September 2018. In a prepared statement, studio CEO Jason Parks said he expects the device to be a “big step toward” VR mass adoption.

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