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Rec Room Reaches Over One Million VR Headsets

Rec Room Reaches Over One Million VR Headsets

Rec Room is ringing in the new year by celebrating its successes in the old one.

In a post on its official site, developer Against Gravity revealed its app had been installed on over one million VR headsets by the end of 2018. Rec Room is a social VR platform available on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows VR and PlayStation VR. It’s free-to-play and completely cross-play, meaning that you can meet up with friends inside other headsets. This figure doesn’t seem to count the same headset with multiple accounts. If that’s the case, this is an impressive feat and deserves a pat on the back. The developer didn’t reveal individual stats for which headsets had seen how many installs.

Elsewhere, Against Gravity talked a lot about the popularity of player-created rooms, of which there are now over 400,000. Though Rec Room comes with a bunch of developer-made activities, players are free to make their own adventures in these rooms too. And the best rooms saw over 300,000 visits. Players now spend over 40% of time in these user-created environments. You can see some of people’s creations in the video above.

“It’s inspiring to see how people are using Rec Room to learn how to game dev, design, program, organize a community, create a new talk show or podcast, create art galleries and inventions together, and all the other crazy things you’ve done,” Against Gravity wrote in its post.

Look out for plenty more announcements from Rec Room in the year to come. There’s a rumor the game is coming to Oculus’ new Quest headset too.

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