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More Rec Room Activities Are Coming To Quest 2 (But Not Quest 1)

More Rec Room Activities Are Coming To Quest 2 (But Not Quest 1)

Rec Room announced yesterday that more activities, which were previously not available on Quest, are coming to the standalone version of the app. However, the new activities on Quest will only be available on the newer Quest 2 headset, and not the original Quest.

The activities being brought over to Quest 2 are the co-op Isle of Lost Skulls activity and Rec Royale, the app’s battle royale mode. According to Rec Room staff on Reddit, the former is available today as part of a Quest 2 launch update, while the latter is still being worked on and will release at a later date.

This marks the first piece of Quest content (excluding visual improvements) available exclusively on Quest 2 and not on the original headset. Rec Room will remain available on the original Quest headset with all its existing content and will presumably continue to be supported, albeit without the new activities.

On Reddit, a Rec Room developer stated that “Quest 1 doesnt [sic] seem to have the power to run such a large map w that many people, physics objects, etc” for Rec Royale. The only way for owners of the original Quest to access Isle of Lost Skulls and Rec Royale will be via the PC VR version using Oculus Link with a VR-ready PC, as mentioned in the description of the teaser trailer.

When Oculus Quest launched in 2019, Rec Room was one of few launch titles available on the system. However, due to the headset’s hardware constraints, not every aspect of Rec Room could be ported over to the standalone system. Over time, some of the missing activities were added, but some were never ported over.

Available today, Oculus Quest 2 is Facebook’s new standalone headset with spec bumps across the board. While Rec Room will introduce Quest 2-exclusive content, we’ve also seen many developers implement visual enhancements that take advantage of Quest 2’s increased hardware overhead.

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