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Racket: Nx Is Coming To Oculus Quest, Supports Cross-Buy With Rift

Racket: Nx Is Coming To Oculus Quest, Supports Cross-Buy With Rift

Racket: Nx, the game described as “racquetball meets breakout”, is coming to the Oculus Quest standalone VR system.

The developers, One Hamsa, filmed a new trailer for Quest in their home country of Israel. They shot it playing outside in the desert and edited in a sci-fi background. It is just an advertisement but this is the first time we’ve seen Quest being used outside.

Games like this which depend on strong distinct gameplay mechanics rather than graphics are ideal for standalone VR systems like Quest. While Quest is significantly less powerful than a PC, it has room scale tracking and Touch controllers which enable the same kind of gameplay as PC VR.

In fact, when playing Racket: Nx on PC the cable could often be a burden. This kind of active game with frequent rotation is perfect for wireless and standalone VR.

The developer also enabled cross-buy. That means if you own it already on the Rift store, you won’t have to buy it again for Quest. Or if you buy it for Quest and get a Rift S in the future, you’ll still be able to play it on that headset as well.

One Hamsa say the game probably won’t be a launch title, but should be available “very soon” after launch. We’re excited to give this game another try with the freedom of movement of standalone VR.

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