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Project 17 Alyx Mod Will Remake Half-Life 2's First Chapter For VR

Project 17 Alyx Mod Will Remake Half-Life 2's First Chapter For VR

The opening chapter of Half-Life 2, ‘Point Insertion’, is one of the most memorable gaming experiences of all-time. And soon, with Project 17, you should be able to play it in VR.

Project 17 was announced last week — it’s a new Half-Life: Alyx mod, currently in development, that aims to remake the entire opening chapter of Half-Life 2 as a playable VR experience. The announcement came with a trailer, embedded below, that looks absolutely stunning.

Back when Alyx came out in March, some modders managed to port over the environment from the first chapter of Half-Life 2 into Alyx. While you could walk around and explore, it was just an environment — the story didn’t play it and it was just an empty playground. It also used the original assets from Half-Life 2, so it looked quite dated.

Comparatively, Project 17 is a much more in-depth and stunning recreation. The team is using the upgraded assets from Half-Life: Alyx, where possible, to recreate the scenes and environments from Half-Life 2. For missing assets, they’re creating new ones themselves and sharing them with the public in collaboration with the Half-Life 2: Remade Assets team.

half-life 2 project 17 vr 2

As you can see from the trailer and these screenshots, the recreation looks absolutely fantastic so far. Plus, it’s not just an environment you can walk around though — Project 17 should let you actually play through the entire opening chapter in full, rebuilt for VR.

The team does make it clear that they aren’t rebuilding a VR version of the entire game, stating that currently “the community does not have access…that would be required to create a truly faithful recreation of Half-Life 2 that is enjoyable for the player.”

half-life 2 project 17 vr

There’s no release date for Project 17, but the team says it will release “when it’s ready™”.

You can follow the project over on its website or on Twitter.

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