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Prize Packs Summer 2023
UVRSS23 Prize Packs

Okay... Ready for more free stuff? Giveaway #2 is upon us!

The grand prize winner will receive a very special prize pack from our Friends at Mighty Coconut which includes:
Walkabout Mini Golf and Walkabout mini golf: Journey to the Center of The Earth, $50 in Merchandise Credit, and the brand new Walkabout Grip-to-Putter they announced earlier in our showcase.
The winner will also receive their pick of game codes for up to 20 VR games donated by the studios in our showcase today.

Ten runners up will receive an events at unity farm t-shirt and hat combo from Titan 1 studios and their pick of up to 10 game codes donated by the studios in our showcase.

Enter to win... NOW!

This contest will remain live for 15 minutes.