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Population: One Season 1 'Uprising' Now Live With $5 Battle Pass

Population: One Season 1 'Uprising' Now Live With $5 Battle Pass

Population: One’s first official ‘Season’ of content, dubbed Uprising, is now live. It will span 10-weeks and includes not only free map updates and new weapons, but also a $5 Battle Pass with premium cosmetics. Check out our Population: One review for more on the game as a whole.

Population: One Season 1 – Uprising

Yesterday we reported on a handful of new details about the big season update, including the new weapons such as the knife, katana, and LMG, map changes, and so on. But now we have more concrete details about what’s new.

In addition to those new weapons, there’s also the Zone Grenade, which creates a zone similar to the one that closes in on the map but it does so in a localized area to try and push enemies out of buildings and into the open. Then the Energy Shield Soda will top up your shields on the go, like in Fortnite, as opposed to only finding shield power-ups as items laying around like before.

For the map, there’s a new Bureau Base in the new Summit area at the edge of the Foothills and later on this season the giant Tower at the center of the map will actually open up. Titles, sprays, and calling cards are all new social features that are getting introduced this season and at the end of the season there will be a big tournament in-game that brings together the top squads. You can see more specific patch notes right here.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for big communities of friends or popular streamers, later this season Population: One is getting private servers so you can play matches of just friends or just viewers and start a round at any time. This will also be a great way to do custom, smaller matches too.

population one season one uprising infographic battle pass

Then there’s of course the Battle Pass. This is an optional premium tier available for $5 that will grant access to cosmetic rewards like new character skins, legendary weapon skins, calling cards, sprays, and new titles. You can see it all teased in the image above.

Let us know what you think and if you plan on diving into Season 1: Uprising in Population: One. You can get the game on PC VR via Steam and on Quest, with full crossplay, right now for $29.99. The update is live now across all platforms.

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