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'Batman', 'Job Simulator' Are PlayStation Store's Bestselling PS VR Games

'Batman', 'Job Simulator' Are PlayStation Store's Bestselling PS VR Games

Sony probably isn’t going to reveal sales for its PlayStation VR headset for a while yet, but it did today reveal which games are selling the best on the PlayStation Store.

The platform holder usually puts out a list of the top 10 and 20 selling games across a number of different categories in both the US and EU each month. The lists for October hit today, and they’re the first to include a section for PS VR. Note that this will have been measured over a shorter period than a month; PS VR arrived on October 13th.

These lists don’t reveal specific sales numbers, and they don’t include retail sales, just those made through its digital storefront. It’s also important to remember that some games aren’t available at retail, which may boost the number of people that bought them digitally.

In the US, Owlchemy Labs’ port of its popular HTC Vive game, Job Simulator, was the bestselling app. That’s interesting to note as Job Simulator requires two PlayStation Move controllers, which only came in a bundle with PS VR or had to be bought separately (unless you already owned them). The same goes for Batman: Arkham VR, another digital-only game that took 2nd in the US and 1st in the EU. That suggests that a lot of PS VR owners have two Move controllers.

There are some solid performances from some games in both lists, too. PlayStation VR Worlds from SIE London, Here They Lie from Tangentlemen and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood from Supermassive Games are all in the top 5, while EVE: Valkyrie and Gunjack both made it into the top 10.

The EU list provides a full top 20, which includes a few games that weren’t there on day-one like Tethered and Carnival Games VR.

The full lists for the US and EU are below.


  1. Job Simulator
  2. Batman: Arkham VR
  3. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
  4. PlayStation VR Worlds
  5. Here They Lie
  6. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  7. EVE: Valkyrie
  8. Gunjack
  9. Harmonix Music VR
  10. Sports Bar VR


  1. Batman: Arkham VR
  2. PlayStation VR Worlds
  3. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
  4. Here They Lie
  5. Tumble VR
  6. Job Simulator
  7. Gunjack
  8. Driveclub VR
  9. EVE: Valkyrie
  10. Sports Bar VR
  11. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  12. The Assembly
  13. Wayward Sky
  14. Headmaster
  15. Tethered
  16. RIGS Mechanized Combat League
  17. Pixel Gear
  18. Harmonix Music VR
  19. Battlezone
  20. Carnival Games VR

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