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Oculus v1.15 Update Adds Full Room Scale Support, Rolling Out Now

Oculus v1.15 Update Adds Full Room Scale Support, Rolling Out Now

Update: The full Oculus 1.15 software update is now rolling out to Rift owners. You can see a full changelog here.

Original story: The Oculus Rift has supported room scale VR, in which players can walk around a physical space and have their movements replicated in a virtual one, since the launch of its Touch controllers late last year. Since release, though, room scale support has been labelled as ‘Experimental’, foreshadowing some of the issues users have had with the setup over the past few months. But that will change very soon.

Oculus this week confirmed that the next software update for the Rift, v1.15, will be removing the ‘Experimental’ labelling for setups that use three sensors for room scale VR.

“We’ve updated the new three-sensor setup wizard in the Oculus app based on the latest data, and everything looks good,” the company’s cybereality confirmed over on the official forums. “This also means we’re planning to remove the experimental tag from roomscale support.”

That should mean that three sensor setups will now offer rock solid user-tracking across the board. While the majority of issues have already been fixed, room scale on Rift has had a difficult few months, with some updates actually causing more issues for some users than others.

The update also adds new healthy and safety information (likely focused on people walking around their rooms with their vision obscured), including a new video that will allow you to disable the warnings you see upon booting up the Rift once you’ve viewed it. That will no doubt come as a relief of many that are used to booting up their headsets regularly.

Currently 1.15 is available as a Public Test Channel — a concept the company introduced earlier this year — and there’s no date for the official release (which will bring a full changelog with it). You can opt in to get it now through the Beta tab, though be warned you may encounter bugs.

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