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Oculus Update 2.0's Beta Is Now Available

Oculus Update 2.0's Beta Is Now Available

Update: And it’s now available – enjoy!

Original story: The biggest update to the Oculus platform yet is just a few days away. At least the beta is.

Oculus’ Rift Core 2.0 update, first announced at Oculus Connect 4 back in October, will be arriving as a beta on December 6th. If you want to take part in the beta you’ll need to opt-in via the Oculus desktop app.

Rift Core 2.0 introduces two major new features. The first is Dash, Oculus’ new user-interface designed for its Touch controllers and accessible within any VR application. It allows you to quickly switch between experiences and even summon standard desktop applications and internet browsers from within VR that appear as virtual windows. You might bring up Spotify to create a playlist for some Robo Recall action, for example, or search the web to solve some of Wilson’s Heart’s harder puzzles.

The other big addition is a redesigned Oculus Home that’s fully customizable. For the first time ever you’ll be able to decorate your own space how you see fit, right down to display Oculus achievements on your walls and even housing your content collection as retro videogames that you access by inserting into a console. Better yet, you’ll be able to bring friends into your space to show your designs off, too.

Check it out:

Exactly how many of these features will be in the beta is unclear, nor do we know how long it will take to launch a stable build of the update.

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