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Oculus Home Goes Social With Up To 8 People

Oculus Home Goes Social With Up To 8 People

Oculus is rolling out an update to its public test channel which turns Oculus Home into a social experience. Rift owners can invite up to seven friends to share their virtual home.

The update should allow people to stream their Windows desktop to others for co-watching, much like startup Bigscreen has been doing since 2016. This sort of functionality built into the core of the Rift system and available to all users, however, could make meeting up with friends in VR both easier and more useful. (Bigscreen is useful because its service can connect people across VR headsets from different manufacturers.)

From an Oculus blog post:

Up to eight people can hang out in the same Home at the same time! For now, your Home is locked for editing when you have visitors over, but we’ll enable object interactivity for multiplayer in a future release.

Look for the update in the public test channel.

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