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'Obduction' Delayed Until August By Cyan, Creators of 'Myst'

'Obduction' Delayed Until August By Cyan, Creators of 'Myst'

A week before it was set to release upon the world, the developers of Obduction are delaying the game by nearly an entire month to August 24th.

The ambitious title is made by Cyan, the company behind PC gaming classics such as Myst and Riven, and it’s seen as somewhat of a spiritual successor previously expected to launch on July 26 for around $30. Nearly 12,000 backers who paid $25 or more to get the game were originally given an estimated reward delivery day of Oct. 2015. The game’s new prospective launch date is August 24, 2016. We went hands-on at E3 and it was one of the most exciting titles coming to VR.

In an update to backers who raised $1.3 million for the game in Nov. 2013, Ryan Warzecha, producer on the game, apologized and wrote:

“…we’ve been working long days, and seven day weeks. Obduction has been getting better and better. But we still found ourselves implementing the last couple of systems we needed instead of having quality time to focus on squashing more bugs. Last week we still had a chance, if everything worked perfectly. At the end of the week the leads met to discuss our options. We were so close, we could ship. But we came to the unanimous decision that if we shipped it was driven mainly by the deadline — not because we were satisfied. Obduction is a product that we’re very proud of, and we don’t want to let unpolished edges get in the way of an amazing immersive experience.”

Many of the 12,000 backers are upset, but a large portion are also forgiving and understanding of the delay. It’s unclear whether issues with VR integration are to blame for the extra month of development needed. Hopefully this means we will receive a better and more completed project once it does release.

We’ll bring you the latest in our review once we get our hands on a final build of the game next month.

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