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Nokia and Sony Pictures Team Up For 360-Degree Content

Nokia and Sony Pictures Team Up For 360-Degree Content

360-degree videos are the most accessible means to show the benefits of immersive content, even if you don’t think they’re “real” virtual reality. In absence of an actual headset, users can swipe across their touchscreens and get a feel of how the open-ended perspective can benefit entertainment, news reporting, and even security. That can be a bridge into virtual reality headsets, opening up to a growing collection of experiences.

Nokia, a huge information technology company founded in 1865, has developed their own tool for 360-degree filming: The Nokia OZO. It’s designed to be an end to end tool that simplifies the process and, via press release, Nokia has announced a content partnership with Sony Pictures.

“VR is an exploding medium that is rapidly changing how we communicate and bringing a deeper connection to how we experience content,” said Nokia’s vice president of Digital Media Paul Melin. “We’re thrilled to partner with Sony Pictures and its talented storytellers to apply our technology and create experiences only possible with OZO – like 3D 360 live VR broadcast.”

Sony Pictures recently appointed a Senior VP of Virtual Reality and they previously teamed up with Reality One to create VR content as well, so their endorsement and excitement for the budding industry comes as no surprise. Nokia is even helping Disney bring their biggest franchises to immersive screens.

From Nokia, the OZO streamlines the 360-degree recording process by syncing 360-degree video and audio into one file and offers wireless functionality through a cartridge that combines memory storage and battery. It’s SDK (software development kit) also provides creators with a device that can output to all the major platforms. Being such a powerful yet lightweight tool (9.3 lbs with battery) lends to its versatility across many scenarios and the partnership with Sony will yield additional gear and technology to inspire high-quality content.

Sony will also be integrating OZO playback directly into their Privilege Plus content ecosystem and Scot Barbour, VP of Production Technology at Sony Pictures, spoke to the company’s confidence in OZO, “Nokia’s OZO camera and its suite of professional tools are an excellent solution for content creators because they seamlessly integrate into established production processes and workflows, and enable the real-time capture and broadcast of VR content.” The Privilege Plus application is currently available via Google Play.

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