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Watch: No Man's Sky VR Gameplay Comparison On PSVR vs. PC VR

Watch: No Man's Sky VR Gameplay Comparison On PSVR vs. PC VR

We’ve got a length side-by-side gameplay comparison video of the newly released No Man’s Sky VR support to show you from today’s massive Beyond Update.

In the video below we’ve put footage of the PSVR version running on a standard PS4 on the left and the PC VR version (via a Valve Index) on the right and we’ve done our best to line up the footage to offer a good comparison. Unfortunately because of the way the game works, when you first spawn into the world you’re randomly placed on any one of billions of procedurally generated planets, plus they’re different platforms. That means it’s virtually impossible to find two environments that look the same or similar easily and quickly.

As a result, the footage isn’t the same on both headsets, but it should do a good job of showing you representations of what gameplay looks like on each platform.

For more footage you can watch the opening 15 minutes of the PSVR version here, over 15 minutes of Valve Index footage here, as well as over two hours of me livestreaming the Oculus Rift S version right here.

We’ll be publishing lots of guides and other coverage this week for No Man’s Sky VR, as well as playing it as much as possible over the next few days. If you’re going to be playing it too, let us know what you think so far down in the comments below! And for more on No Man’s Sky VR, make sure and read our long, detailed interview with Hello Games’ Sean Murray.

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