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No Man's Sky VR Guide: How To Customize Your Character's Appearance

No Man's Sky VR Guide: How To Customize Your Character's Appearance

Now that No Man’s Sky VR support is officially live, millions of players around the world are exploring the far reaches of space for the very first time inside a VR headset.

One of the most common questions I’ve seen from friends while playing and introducing them to the game is how to customize your avatar and change your appearance. You can see in the screenshot up above my character is green and black, in line with our colors here at UploadVR. You can pick from a wide range of color combinations as well as pieces for your suit and even various different races as well.

Customizing your avatar in No Man’s Sky is super simple and entirely free. All you have to do is progress through the main story tutorial missions up until your ship’s thrusters are active and you can leave the starting planet. From there, go to your system’s space station, which should be very close nearby. Once you’ve arrived, exit your ship, and face the entrance to the station. Go up onto the deck on your right.

Go to the far left side of this deck and you should see a circular pad terminal you can interact with and use to change your appearance. That’s it! It’s that simple. You won’t really ever see your avatar in No Man’s Sky VR other than at this terminal, but you do see your hands and other people will see your entire avatar in its full glory so you should make sure it’s on point.

This deck also contains a galactic terminal for buying and selling goods, various merchants you can talk to about suit, ship, and multi-tool upgrades, and more. Then on the deck over on the other side of the space station you can find NPCs ready to speak with you about their culture, teach you their dialect, and merchant stations for cartography and other missions. You’ll eventually unlock teleporters at each station on this deck too to travel between space stations and your bases in No Man’s Sky.

If you’re playing No Man’s Sky VR and have any inquiries for us about how to do something specific, leave your questions down in the comment section below!

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