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New Trailer for Crytek's Robinson: The Journey Hits

New Trailer for Crytek's Robinson: The Journey Hits

We’ve seen an impressive trailer for Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey before, but now we’ve got a fresh look at the upcoming VR title.

Crytek revealed a new trailer for the game at E3 2016 in Los Angeles today, which can now be seen below. It’s another brief tease as opposed to a full gameplay blowout; we get to see the crash landing that the protagonist, a young boy named Robin, makes on an uncharted planet that turns out to be littered with dinosaurs. Most of the clip takes place inside the player’s escape pod, but there’s a tantalising glimpse at the outside world right at the very end, promising lush forests, towering mountains and fiery blazes. Perfect for some VR exploration.

Robinson is set to be exclusive to PlayStation VR, which makes us wonder if the game will really look as good as it does in trailers once we get it on our PS4s. All the same, it looks to be an intriguing first-person adventure in which you’re aided by a floating AI companion. There’s still a lot to learn, though, as we we’re not yet familiar with gameplay mechanics and control schemes, let alone how big of an experience Crytek is preparing and when it will finally launch. PS VR itself is of course hitting the US on October 13th for $399.

This is far from Crytek’s first VR project. Over the past few years it’s created two tech demos in Back to Dinosaur Island and its sequel, and more recently launched an Oculus Rift exclusive known as The Climb. The rock climbing game will soon be getting an update to support the Oculus Touch controllers, while Crytek is also working to improve VR functionality in its own developer engine, CRYENGINE V. The latest iteration of the toolset was announced at GDC 2016 back in March and is available for a price of the developer’s own choosing.

Expect to hear more about Robinson: The Journey as E3 week continues, along with plenty of other titles making their way to VR systems.

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