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New Phasmophobia Update Ramps Up Ghost Difficulty, They Now Follow Voices And Open Doors

New Phasmophobia Update Ramps Up Ghost Difficulty, They Now Follow Voices And Open Doors

A new Phasmophobia update that went live over the weekend ramps up ghost difficulty letting them open doors and follow voices when hunting.

Phasmophobia Game Updates

Previously, ghost AI was admittedly quite dumb in the game. If a ghost spotted you then you could simply run around a corner to break line of sight. That would force it to just start searching a random location. Also, once a ghost started to hunt someone, everyone else was essentially “safe” even if they walked right by it. That’s no longer the case now.

After the latest update ghosts now follow around corners, listen for player voices and search directions and locations based on the sounds, open doors, closets, and lockers when searching, and it even searches the last spotted location more thoroughly rather than wandering randomly again. Not to mention now ghosts can target any player that gets near them—even if they’re already chasing someone else.

This latest update also includes a host of quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and more. Here’s the full list of all patch notes, but I’ve included some of the most notable ones below:

VR Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where VR players could not speak after a game has finished.
  • Fixed a bug where teleport grabbing in VR didn’t work when you were dead.
  • Fixed a bug where several objects couldn’t be seen by the smooth VR recording camera.
  • Fixed a bug where VR players couldn’t be killed by the ghost if they laid down.
  • Fixed a bug where VR players were not setting Non-VR players saved voice volumes.
  • Fixed a bug where the money value of a photo would get multiplied per VR player.

Ghost AI Improvements

  • The ghost will now follow your around corners if it has lost sight of you rather than searching a random location.
  • The ghost will now listen for player voices when hunting and will search those locations. This will not work if you are not the banshee target.
  • The ghost can now open lockers and closets outside of a hunt.
  • The ghost will now open doors, closets and lockers during hunts. This can be stopped by holding the door however the ghost can still walk through room doors like usual.
  • Slightly increased the ghosts chance to wander on all difficulties.
  • The ghost will now search around the location it last saw a player rather than searching a random location.
  • The ghost will now target any player that gets close to it whilst it’s already chasing another player.


Quality of Life Improvements

  • Improved the server and contract selection navigation on gamepads.
  • You can now enter the room invite code with the keyboard numpad.
  • Added a button to add the max amount of each item so you don’t have to spam click each item.
  • Added a server region prefix in front of the room invite code to help show what region you are in or trying to connect to.
  • Added a delay for closing the truck door once it has been opened to prevent trolling.
  • Changing character will no longer unready everyone.
  • Added an “Are you sure?” check after clicking the training button on the main menu.

If you want to see the game in action, check out our archived livestream up above. It’s been updated al ot since then, so it plays even more smoothly and has more content now.

You can grab Phasmophobia right now on Steam with full (optional) PC VR support for $14. Let us know what you think of this latest update down in the comments below!

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