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Myst Rebuilt For Oculus Quest By Cyan Worlds

Myst Rebuilt For Oculus Quest By Cyan Worlds

Cyan Worlds’ classic game Myst is being rebuilt for VR on Oculus Quest.

Facebook announced the title is coming to Oculus Quest later this year during the keynote of Facebook Connect. The new version will feature “modern art, sound, interactions, and optional puzzle randomization for those who are up for a greater challenge,” according to Facebook.

Check out the new trailer:

For those unfamiliar with Myst, the original came out in 1993 featuring beautiful pre-rendered stills players could navigate and unravel the mystery via point-and-click. It spawned several sequels and adaptations including a version with 3D graphics and touch controls. According to Facebook, the new version is “built completely from the ground up for Oculus Quest.” It’s going to be very interesting to revisit those environments in VR. Myst’s original design seemed particularly well-suited to help players build out a really detailed mental map of the rich virtual world represented as still images. So it may represent a pretty eerie sense of deja vu for existing fans of the game to virtually visit those places again in an Oculus Quest.

We’re extremely curious to see how Cyan Worlds adapted the game’s puzzles and interactions to VR. The studio is pretty experienced in VR already so we’ve got some high expectations for this port. Are you ready to see what’s inside the linking books?

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