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Mario Kart VR Heads To London's O2 Arena This Summer

Mario Kart VR Heads To London's O2 Arena This Summer

You know that Mario Kart VR experience that’s only available in Japan and is making every non-Japanese VR fan jealous? It’s finally heading elsewhere.

Namco Bandai will bring Mario Kart Arcade GP to its VR Zone installation inside London’s O2 Arena next month, it’s been revealed. The experience will be available on August 3rd. The VR Zone is located inside the Hollywood Bowl and already features experiences like Argyle Shift and Hospital Escape Terror.

Mario Kart VR offers you the chance to pull on an HTC Vive and jump into the world of Nintendo’s beloved karting franchise. Speeding alongside the likes of Mario and Bowser, you gather items and hurl them are opponents whilst dodging obstacles. It’s the only Nintendo IP to currently be available in VR.

Sadly, there’s no word on bringing the experience to the US right now, although it will arrive at other UK VR Zone locations including Tunbridge Wells and Leeds later down the line.

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