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Magic Leap One's Reported Field Of View Leaves A Lot To Be Desired

Magic Leap One's Reported Field Of View Leaves A Lot To Be Desired

The Microsoft HoloLens Developer Kit originally released back in March of 2016. That’s nearly two and a half years ago. At that time it’s limited field of view of only 30 degrees horizontally was seen as a frustrating, but understandable, drawback. Now the Magic Leap One, the severely hyped upcoming AR headset that no one can talk about, only has a 40 degree horizontal field of view according to uncovered developer documentation.

There’s no other way to describe that than as a disappointment.

Source: VentureBeat

In a world where the upcoming Leap Motion North Star headset reportedly has a 100-degree FOV and Magic Leap’s received over $2 billion in funding by comparison, 40 degrees horizontally isn’t much of a “leap” forward at all.

Similar to the HoloLens, using the Magic Leap One will likely instill a “window” effect in your view. Instead of feeling like you’re surrounded by a magical, augmented world such as is shown in all of the promotional videos for the device, it’s more like peering through a tiny window to another world — almost like holding up your phone with Apple’s ARKit or Google’s ARCore.

Granted, I have not personally tried the Magic Leap One, but this statistic is troubling. When you combine this number with the lack of a real, live demo and an incredibly lackluster “rock monster” presentation that doesn’t even feature hand occlusion, it’s all adding up to what will likely be a major disappointment.

Source: Next Reality

The verdict is still out though and we have to wait a bit longer before delivering any real impressions, but our excitement is quickly dwindling. Magic Leap One will start shipping developer kits this summer.

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